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About our company's privacy policy, a visitor may be asked to offer personal information by entering and transmitting information to our on-line form. It is completely up to the individual whether to participate in the program. However, if you would like to participate in our program, we will collect personal information like your name, address, e-mail address, and other specific information. In addition, your personal information helps us keep you posted on the latest product announcement, software updates, special offers, and events that you might like to hear about. Our company recognizes the importance of personal information and we will carry out the following measures. Suppose that "personal information" refers to the information, which can identify a visitor. The information which can identify a visitor will be information, such as the visitor's name, age, birth date, telephone number, e-mail address, address, company, credit card number, and bank account number, and this means the information can specify a individual visitor with one or more combination of these. The essential principles of our company's privacy protection policy are the three following points.

1. Clear Statement of Purpose of Use, and Prohibition of other use

When a visitor offers their personal information, our company will specify the purpose and furthermore, use the information for specific purpose only. The purpose of contacting the visitor in advance is to let them know that if our company has something to offer them, then they will be first to know about that information. The visitor can refuse the use, if they do not agree with the company's new purpose. This will be up to the visitor. When the visitor does not wish to provide our company with personal information, a visitor can decide to offer personal information or not. (However, when the personal information is essential, the offer of the service concerned may not be made to offer of service)

2. Non-Disclose and Non-Supply to Third Party of Visitor's Personal Information

All the personal information offered from the visitor, our company will not be disclosed or the information provided to a third party.
The following is excluded.

  • When there is a visitor's consent.
  • When our company receives an inquiry, the suitable answer may come from our affiliated company or agency of our company.
  • When a credit-card transaction information is required from a financial institution, our company will disclose the price, or the payment of goods and service.
  • When disclosure of personal information is called for by legal reasons or etc.
  • When the company succession is performed because of a merger, division of a corporation, transferring of a business, and others.

3. Strict and Proper Administration of the Visitor's Personal Information

Our company will manage the visitor's personal information accordingly and carefully.
Moreover, in order to prevent the loss of personal information, misuse, and alteration, a strict security remedies are provided.

The inquiry about the "personal information"

When the visitor wants to confirm their own individual information, our company will prevent the omission of the visitor's personal information to a third party. It restricts, when a visitor who is able to check our company, and our company announces to a visitor the personal information of the visitor who is allowed to keep it in our company. It restricts, when a visitor who is able to check in our company, and our company will correct or delete a visitor's personal information.

About the Cookie

The Cookie is a small-scale information which a Web server transmits to a visitor's browser for effective employment of the Internet, our company will make modifications according to the visitors needs by customizing the website and service offered by using the cookie. The visitor can display warning, when the receipt of Cookie is refused or Cookie is received by setup of a browser. Moreover, restrictions of being unable to use a personalizing function etc. in that case may arise.

Other matters

Our company observes the statute applied to a visitor about the offered personal information. The aim in our company is to better protect our visitor's personal information with our personal information protection policy with the change of laws and ordinances for each country in the future. About safe reservation of a visitor's personal information in other websites linked to the website of our company, our company cannot take responsibility. Please feel free to ask us any questions about the contents of this page by e-mail: Moreover, the personal information of the asking visitor is enciphered and protected by SSL. There are a case of the use of the browser, which does not support SSL, and a case where the page concerned cannot be accessed from the Network in a because of Firewall etc. Please understand the situation.

Establishment day April 1, 2023 Adwaa Co., Ltd.

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