Inquiries about Membership Information * Please click on each item

  • A. Refer to the [Member Registration (PDF)] for more details.

  • A. There is no registration fee, annual membership fee, or usage fee.

  • A. We will ask you for your date of birth when you reissue your password.
    For this reason, we ask you to enter your date of birth in your membership information.

  • A. Refer to the [Password reissue (PDF)].

  • A. Membership information is managed by "My Account" of the ISL Online Store. Refer to the [Change of the membership information (PDF)] and change your email address.
    * You can change your address or phone number and so on by the same procedure.

  • A. We have recently upgraded the ISL Online Store on December 6, 2016. The password was introduced after the ISL Online Store was renewed. Therefore, you may not have registered as a member in the ISL Online Store after the renewal. Refer to the [Member registration (PDF)], and register as a member.
    * The multiple registrations can not be performed with one email address to avoid duplicate registration on the system.
    If an error is displayed and you cannot register as a member, please contact our information center.

Inquiries about Purchasing * Please click on each item

  • A. Membership registration (free) is required to shop at ISL Online Store*.
    Refer to the [Member Registration (PDF)] and register as a member before purchasing. After completing the membership registration, check the [Ordering Procedure (PDF)] and complete the ordering procedure.
    * Our ISL Online Store was renewed on December 6, 2016. If you used ISL Online Store before December 5, 2016, please re-register as a member.

  • A. "ISL Online Store" recognizes your registered license* in your member information and automatically displays the most discounted price at that time. Refer to [The application of the upgrade price (PDF)] for more details.
    * The combination of "Serial number" and "Product key" is called "license."

  • A. You can check your license that you had purchased from ISL Online Store or you had registered in ISL Online Store on your "MY Account" page in the ISL Online Store.
    Refer to the [How to check your license(PDF)] for more details.

  • A. Our ISL Online Store will automatically send emails which "Information of your order" and "Information of sending the license."
    However, depending on settings such as security management on your computer, we may not be able to deliver these emails. You can see the emails that we sent in "My Account" of the ISL Online Store.Refer to the [Confirmation of Information emails (PDF)] and check the delivery status of our emails.

  • A. We will issue an invoice in a PDF file. Please request by email to our information center.
    If you have a VAT number, please let us know the VAT number so we can list it on your invoice.

  • A. Due to the specifications of the licensed product, we cannot change or cancel your order after we receive payment.
    Please try its operation in "Trial mode" before placing an order.

  • A. Refer to the [Credit card usage procedure (PDF)] for more details.

  • A. Refer to the [Coupon code usage procedure (PDF)] for more details.

  • A. Refer to the [About exchange rate (PDF)] for more details.

  • A. ISL Online Store will automatically send your product license by "Information of sending the license" email as soon as your payment is completed.
    * If you have not received the license email, refer to the [Confirmation of Information emails (PDF)].

  • A. Some coupons are valid only for certain products. Please check the selected product and the coupon you entered again.

  • A. The "Use Coupon" item is disabled.
    Click the [Back] button and return to the "STEP2: Payment Method." Select the "Use Coupon" item of the "Use Coupon" column to enable it.

Inquiries about Products * Please click on each item

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