Procedures for shopping

Procedures for shopping at ISL Online Store

The contents of these instructions set forth the requirements for customers who shop on the "ISL Online Store" (hereafter, "this store") website managed by Adwaa Co., Ltd. (hereafter, "our company").
Please read these instructions before using this store. By using this store, customers agree to the contents found in these instructions. Our company reserves the right to change the conditions found herein. Accordingly, we would appreciate it if you would check these instructions each time you use this store.

Return Policy

Please understand that, in principle, returns cannot be accepted once payment has been made.
However, in the case that the merchandise you receive is not that which you ordered, please contact out company within three days.
Also, please realize that after merchandise has been opened or after the product key has been registered, no returns can be accepted regardless of the reason.

General Disclaimer

Our company shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for damage to your communication line, computer, etc., due to system breakdowns, delays, crashes, or loss of data, or for damages that arise through illegal access to data, or for damages that arise when customers use this store, or for virus infections.

Observance of other agreements

Our company may have other special agreements regarding the use of this store. In this case, consent to these agreements is a condition for use. Please read and strictly observe each such agreement.


The following actions are prohibited when shopping with this store. In case of violation, this company shall halt such customers from shopping at this store and may refuse any further shopping. Also, if damages occur to our company due to such violations by a customer, compensation for such damages shall be the responsibility of the customer.

1)Infringement of rights, profits, honor, etc., to our company, other customers or other third parties.
2)Ordering merchandise with no real intent to purchase such as placing orders with no intention of making payments; using another person's information to make orders; inputting false information; or any other dishonest acts.
3)Illegal actions.
4)Violate any of the various agreements set forth by our company.

Registration of Required Items

We may request that you register some necessary items when you use this store.
In this case, registration is a requirement for using the store.


Cookies are small-scale information that Web servers send to the browsers of customers to enable more effective use of the Internet. Our company sometimes uses cookies in order to customize the web site to meet the individual needs of our customers, to improve the contents of the web site, and to provide services to our customers for maximum satisfaction. When a customer sets his browser to refuse cookies, a warning may be indicated when a cookie is sent.
However, in this case there may be some restrictions to use of the personalize functions.

Inquiries on "Personal Information"

In order to prevent our customer's personal information from being leaked to a third party, when customers want to check their own personal information, our company will release such personal information held by our company only when our company can confirm that the person requesting information is the customer.
When there are errors in our customers' personal information or when changes are to be made, the inaccurate information or old information will be revised or deleted only when our company can confirm that the person making the request is the customer.

The Store Services

Our company may properly modify or abolish all or part of the services of this store through its own judgment.

Thank you.
Adwaa Co., Ltd.

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