How to check your license

You can check your license that you had purchased from ISL Online Store or you had registered in ISL Online Store by the following operations.

* The combination of "Serial number" and "Product key" is called "license."

Sign In

Open "ISL Online Store (" Sign in as a member from "Sign In" on the left side of the web site.

  1. Enter your "Email Address."
  2. Enter your "Password."
  3. Click the [Sign In] button.

Move to the "MY Account" page

When you sign in as a member, the [MY Account] button is displayed of the top. Click the [MY Account] button to move to the "MY Account" page.

Check your license

  1. Click the "Serial List" in the "MY Account".
  2. "Add Serial" and "Serial List" are displayed. Check you license with "Serial List".

* What is "Used" : When you purchase a new license, your previous license will apply as a discount coupon to automatically. It records "Used" to a licenses have used for discounts. This upgrade discount is only available once per one license.

Logout (Sign out)

Click the [Logout] button at the top of the page.

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